Rover Mini Electronic Fuel Injection

Rover Documentation on the MPi System
MEMS 2J Overview

Additional information on Rover FI including Sykes Pickavant ACR (Advanced Code Reader)
Additional information on Rover FI and the SP ACR

Additional Information on PC Based Code Reader
A new company based in the UK selling low cost diagnostic tools
for Rovers and MGs.  We already cover MEMS2J and have MEMS1.6 working in
the lab and soon available for customers.  Mini airbag controllers are
also working.

An Open Source Tool for SPi MEMS 1.6

Information from Blackbox Solutions
MEMS 1.6/1.9

Sources for Immobilser Programming for the MPi System

Fuel Pressure Regulator Links(MGF Based But Still Applicable)

Link to Ian's SPi Information and Tips

Oxygen(lambda) Sensor from Rover Testbook Manual
Oxygen Sensor Check - Method

Turbo Dave's Basic SPi/MPi Troubleshooting Guide
  Word Document
    PDF Document
    HTML Document

General Mini & A Series EFI information
Marcel's Sites

    Emerald Web Site

General OBD Information

EFI for Dummies


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