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QTVR tour of the campus
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Moss Landing Panoramas

CSUH Tower Panoramas

CE Smith Museum of Anthropology

Terry and Erik at Machu Picchu

Other QTVR Sites of interest:

Multimedia Developers 

The Lost Cites Adventures 1998: Peru.

RDC Interactive Media, Inc.

TerraQuest - producers of Virtual Galápagos, Virtual Antarctica and a number of other high quality adventure travel online expeditions.

Alternate Technologies

Interactive Pictures, Inc. (IPIX) - providers of IPIX (PhotoBubble) technology and services($$$)

RealSpace, Inc. -  Part of LivePicture now!

Infinite Pictures - SmoothMove virtual reality technology

Suppliers & Equipment Manufacturers

Peace River Studios - QTVR Hardware

Kaidan - QTVR Hardware

BeHere, Inc. -single shot 360-degree panorama lens system 

VRTools - QTVR Software Tools

PictureWorks - Cross Platform Software Tools - Now purchased by IPIX!

Roundabout Logic -  Nodester panorama and Widgetizer object software.

Live Picture, Inc. -  PhotoVista Software

Professional Associations

International QuickTime VR Association (IQTVRA)

Bay Area QuickTime VR Association (BAQTVRA)