A/E Art and Education
BK(n) New Bookstore
BK(o) Old Bookstore
FH Field House
FM Facilities Management
LI Library
MB Music and Business
MI Meiklejohn Hall
PE Physical Education
RE Receiving
SH Student Health
SCN Science North
SCS Science South
SH Student Health Center
TH Theatre
UC University Club
UU University Union
WA Warren Hall

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How This QTVR Was Created

The image for this QTVR was created in Adobe Illustrator and modified in Photoshop. It was then brought into QTVR Authoring Studio as a PICT and stitched into an unwrapped panorama. Hotspots were then designated within the map panorama using QTVR Authoring Studio's Scene Maker. With the hotspots in place the panorama was then exported and flattened in MoviePlayer. Using the hotspot I.D. numbers generated in QTVR Authoring Studio, an HTML document was created linking individual panoramas to the campus map.-Lea Winters 2/23/98